The First Annual Indonesian Scholars Conference in Taiwan (2010 AISC-Taiwan)

2010 AISC-Taiwan opened with a dance performance known as Saman Dance performed by Chung Hua University students. Vice President of STU, Prof. Dr. Wu, Hsin-Hsing and the Head of Indonesian Economic and Trade Office (IETO) in Taipei, Mr. Suhartono gave a brief speech at the opening ceremony. While Dr. Ir. Tjahjo Pranoto, M.Sc from the Ministry of Research and Technology Republic of Indonesia served as one of keynote speakers with a presentation titled “Government Deliver Strategic Step in Strengthening and Accelerating National Research as A Means Of Knowledge-Based Economic Development”. Another keynote speaker was Prof. Chih-Cheng Chao, Ph.D., P. Eng of the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) Taiwan, which delivered a speech titled “How to Enhance the National Competitiveness: Case Study in Taiwan“.

Besides keynote speech session, 2010 AISC-Taiwan committees also invited two guest speakers; Dr. Andreas Raharso of Global R & D Center for Execution, Hay Group, Singapore and Dr. Khoirul Anwar from Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST), Japan. Both of them are the committee of International Indonesian Scholars Association (I-4).

After the keynote speech session and invited talk session, time for the participants to present their paper or research at the Group Discussion session. This session was divided into 9 fields namely cultural, linguistic and social change study; economic, and business management; electronics and automatic control; computer science and information technology; materials and manufacturing, infrastructure and disaster management, renewable energy and climate change; environment and sustainable development, agriculture and agribusiness; and medical and pharmaceutical.

As a repercussion of this 2010 AISC Taiwan, Indonesian Committee for Science & Technology Transfer in Taiwan (IC-3T) was established and ratified with the IC-3T document signing by Head of IETO and President of FORMMIT. The main task of IC-3T is preparing the implementation of AISC-Taiwan every year, establish a strategic partnership of cooperation, the development and transfer of knowledge and technology and to organize monthly cluster discussions.

At 6.45 pm, the closing ceremony ended this event. [Bunga Primasari]



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