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A strong earthquake shakes the ground of the West Sumatera on Wednesday (9/30/2009) about 5.16 PM (West Indonesia Time Zone). Meteorological and Geophysical Agency reveals that the earthquake shakes the ground with the strong magnitude of 7.6 Richter scale centered on the 0.84 south latitude and 99.65 east longitude. The center of the earthquake occurred at the depth of 71 km or 57 km far away from the Southwest of West Sumatera [Kompas]. The earthquake caused severe damage which made the government imposed the emergency warning for the next two months. Up to now (Oct. 4), 603 people were killed, 412 severely injured, other 2.570 lightly injured and thousands still missing [Kompas]. This number will probably increase, since some areas including houses, hotels, and other public services are not touched yet because of bad weather.

As a form of solidarity and participation in helping out our brothers and sisters who became the victim of this disaster, Indonesian Muslim Student Forum in Taiwan (FORMMIT) hold a fund raising to be distributed as soon as possible for those who need it.

For those who are willing to take the role, please contact your Governor or FORMMIT Fund Raiser of each area. Your donation can be given to them for the next will be delivered to the FORMMIT Treasurer and transferred to the victim in West Sumatera. In temporary, for the sake of easiness in delivering the donation, it will be preferable for you to give the donation in terms of money instead of daily needs. The donation will be turned out into daily needs in Indonesia, so the distribution will be easier and convenient.

Fund Raiser in your area :

Lisa Kustina


Khanty Widayanti


Ririt Aprilin


Farma Aini



For those who domicile in Taiwan and willing to transfer your donation, here is the account number that you can use to accomplish your donation:

Lisa Kustina; 阿德拜 (A De Bai)

Account No : 700-0031071-0841149

And for those who want to get the information about your family condition in West Sumatera, you can call the West Sumatera Earthquake HOTLINE number in 0751 9824971 until 9824980 (10 numbers available) free from INDONESIA.

FORMMIT 2009/2010




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