Mie Vegetarian di Taiwan

Daftar mie vegetarian produk internasional (Taiwan) yang layak dikonsumsi bagi para vegetarian.

  1. 統一素食麵 : President (Tung I) Instant [Vegetarian Noodles]
  2. 味丹隨緣素食麵系列 : Vedan series Instant Noodle [Soup Mix (vegetarian flavor)]
  3. 味王素食麵 : Ve Wong Instant Oriental Noodles [Soup (vegetarian flavor)]
  4. 味王髮菜素肉羹麵 : Ve-Wong Vegetarian Instant Noodle (fachoi flavor)
  5. 味味A素食麵 : Wei-Wei “A” Series Instant Noodles (vegetarian flavor)
  6. 味味A素食香菇冬粉 : Wei-Wei “A” series instant mushroom bean vermicelli (vegetarian flavor)
  7. 維力素食炸醬麵 : Weilih Instant Noodle, Mandarin Jah-Jan Sichuan style
  8. 維力媽媽素食麵(蔬菜口味) : Ma Ma Mien Instant noodle with vegetable flavor
  9. 龍口素淨杯冬粉 : Long-Kow vegetarian flavor instant bean vermicelli
  10. 龍口素淨京麵 : Long-Kow instant “Q” noodle stick with vegetarian flavor
  11. 龍口素淨米粉 : Long-Kow vegetarian rice noodle
  12. 龍口素淨油豆腐細粉 : Long-Kow new style “assorted” flavor instant noodles( vegetarian flavor)
  13. 綠純高纖胚芽沖泡粉絲 : Pure-Green High-fiber instant bean thread
  14. 古早素麵線羹 : Go-Cha vegetarian Chinese vermicelli
  15. 新竹風城素食米粉 : Hsin Chu vegetarian rice noodles

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