KMIT Organizational Management and Leadership Training in Asia University, Taichung


Taichung [FORMMIT] On June 14th 2009, KMIT has conducted training in Asia University, Taichung. This training was about the management of organization and leadership, special for the Islamic organizations under the KMIT, namely FOSMIT (Chungli), IMIT (Taichung) and MTYT (Taipei). Azman Muammar (former FORMMIT Selatan Governor) and Lalu Muhamad Jaelani (FORMMIT President) were served as trainer in these two different training themes. There were about 30 people joined, including President of KMIT, Taufik Mubarok and President of IMIT, Kardi. In his opening speech, Taufik Mubarok informed that KMIT has planned to hold some training for Indonesian Workers in Taiwan, such as Zakat Management Training, Advocation Training for Workers and Entrepreneurship Training. One of the training participants named Mbak Win (FOSMIT representative) said that this kind of training is important to help the workers in running their organizations. She also mentioned that the follow up training will be highly anticipated. [Bunga Primasari]



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