Joomla Training at NTU Student Lounge

Taipei [FORMMIT] Two days ago, Media Bureau finally succeeded in conducting Joomla Training. This training was held to support the works of Bureau Media. Wijayanto Budi Santoso, former FORMMIT HUMIN, was served as a trainer. Actually, all of Media Bureau members were invited to this training, but nearly half of them were already came back to Indonesia. Thus, the training only can be attended by the remaining three members of Media Bureau who are Deari Arief Rahman, Mohammad Fazrin Assidiqy and Bunga Primasari. On that training, Wijayanto taught how to download Joomla and XAMPP (web server), install Joomla and run installed Joomla. Learning directly from the expert was definitely the better part. The participants were able to ask questions and soon the problems were able to be executed by the trainer. “The most important things in running website are keep exploring and doing some trials”, Santoso said. After five hours get busied with the whole bunch of website things, the training was ended. [Bunga Primasari]



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