Diabetic Mother ⃡ Giant Baby


Minutes-minutes before the first birth of a baby is a risk because it determines the baby “giant” is hipoglikemi (sugar of less than 40). In fact, hipoglikemi the baby may not happen, because the greatest threat is the baby can be a strain hipoksia and, ultimately harmful to the brain.

In addition to sugar check on the baby after he was born, the doctor must also be prepared to give the baby sugar Feed hipoglikemi that does not happen. If the condition is still considered healthy, the child is given a sugar drink. But if otherwise, the doctor will give the sugar to the way Feed infus. Usually if the actions are directly in the first hours the baby was born, after the handling of such sugar baby will return to normal. Hipoksia strain and will not happen. the small threat of brain damage and other vital organs, such as kidney, heart, and digestion.


After a period of crisis , what more should be done by a doctor?
Doctors will ask parents to monitor and maintain the BB so that the baby to remain in the normal range, or at least does not make them grow big. The best way for this is to give exclusive breastfeeding, and forwarded to the quality of governance and Feed MPASI food next measured.


Remember, breastfeeding is the primary because nutrient is in accordance with the needs of the baby at that time. Mother’s milk is not recommended to give formula because we can not determine how much the baby needs to get ideal nutrition with milk formula. Protein milk formula also digested baby so hard accumulate in the body. Isn’t babies born with weight above the average, normal baby even if given milk formula can change a baby “giant”.


How to weigh giant baby?
Giant baby weight should be controlled closely. BB should not increase more than 1 kg / month in the first three months after birth. Next three months, the maximum addition to its BB-600 gr. Next three months, decreased again, every month should not be more than 300-400 grams.

Target can be achieved if the mother to provide breastmilk. But if giving formula, breastmilk do mix. That is, the day the small milk formula given in accordance with the recommended dosage doctor. Night, leave the small sucking. Not be a problem if ASI does not quit.


What more needs to be treated in this big baby?
Risk of another giant baby immunology response is too great, so if the baby is exposed to dengue fever (DB), crisis higher risk than babies of normal immunology response. Therefore, the baby must be maintained right up until not so affected by diseases due to bacteria, germs, viruses, and so forth.


Most vulnerable babies also have a diabetes mellitus (DM). Because the baby “giant”, fats in the body will create insulin resistance. Effect, the body of a baby is not able to process the sugar into the body from food or drink. Finally, the sugar in the blood will increase. In the long term, if left to its BB-growing uncontrollable, age at entry likelihood the disease will have a stroke, heart, and hyper cholesterol, is big enough.


Given the risk of disruption of health, can prevent birth to giant baby?
Could be. For example, BB-keeping mother during pregnancy in its normal limits. A research done by the Association of Obstetric and Gynecology American journals published in Obstetric and Gynecology, reveal, pregnant women who have increased body weight over 18 kg still birth potentially big baby he does not even have a gestational diabetes. This is because the fat-risk pregnant women 4 to 12 times to the birth of a baby.


Most high-risk groups are pregnant women who have increased body weight over 18 kg at the same time have a diabetes gestational, where almost 30% of this group of birth to the baby. While the normal weight pregnant women contract diabetes as well as the birth of baby number only around 13.5%.


In addition, note that the fetus is too large a risk makes the process of birth, such as increasing the likelihood of bleeding  vagina, and the possibility must be delivered through the operation Cesar. While the fetus at risk their own experience “traffic jams” on the shoulder or a broken clavicle during birth process. Therefore, try to BB in the mother during childbirth so that the normal limits of BB when children also born in the normal range. [taken from some sources]




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