For the opening, the former Southern Governor, Azman Muammar, shared some of his experiences regarding to the former organizational activities. After Azman’s sharing experiences, Danurwendo Arief Setio Wicaksono also gave his very first speech as a new Governor. Danurwendo vowed, together with the others he will try his best to continue what Azman cs have been done because more still needs to be done. Having him as a new Governor, surely become a new atmosphere in this organization. All agreed he will become a great Governor and can lead to the better Southern FORMMIT.

The VIP of the day was the President of FORMMIT, Lalu Muhamad Jaelani who came all the way from Chungli to Tainan to mingle with the Selataners. After introduced himself, he told the audience to keep up the brotherhood so later on FORMMIT members, especially in the southern part, can work together at ease. Then, he asked the former President of FORMMIT, Setyabudi Indartono, to share his experiences too, as Azman did before. Setyabudi reminded the new FORMMIT committee to work together solidly and do not forget to keep the relations with the organizations apart from FORMMIT. Besides that, Setyabudi also pointed the most important things that the new committee must paid attention to, which are Indonesian Workers and their issues. With his funny-Cilacap-style, Setyabudi was successfully cheered the event up. Finally, the most awaited one, “makan-makan” closed the event. [Bunga Primasari]



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