Letter of Statement In The Matter of Israel’s Storming of The Mavi Marmara Aid Ship in Gaza



Letter of Statement

In The Matter of Israel’s Storming of The Mavi Marmara Aid Ship in Gaza

Israel attacked Mavi Marmara Ship which was sailing and brought humanitarian aid from the world for people in Gaza, Palestine on Mei 31, 2010. This humanitarian mission carrying 10.000 ton of supplies for people in Gaza who are suffering since Israel’s blockade begins in January 2009. The aid flotilla included seven hundreds international activists from United States, Britain, Australia, Greece, Canada, Malaysia, Indonesia, Algeria, Serb, Belgium, Ireland, Norway, Sweden and Kuwait.

Israel’s storming to humanitarian aid convoy is beyond the humanitarian nature. Leastwise 19 people died and tens injured in attack Israeli military attack. This aggression was illegal as it took place in international waters, highlighting that Israel’s blockade of Gaza Strip has also violated international law. This incursion, once again, causes the obstacle of peace in Middle East.

Regarding to that, Indonesian Muslim Student Forum in Taiwan (FORMMIT) stated our stance of supporting Palestine as follows:

  1. Condemned the human right and international law breaking’s storming by Israeli military,
  2. Demand United Nation to investigate Israel’s attack on humanitarian aid convoy for Gaza,
  3. Insist to report Israel to International Court for the actions of terrorism committed by attacking Mavi Marmara ship,
  4. Demand Indonesian government as a victim of this terror action to guard nation’s honor by bringing this case to International Court,
  5. Proclaim to Muslim all over the world to conduct “Ghaib Prayer” (praying for dead in whom their bodies are away) and pray for Muslim brothers and sisters who joined that convoy.

Thus, this letter of statement is made. Might Allah assists His ummah who are battling in His way. Amin. Allahu Akbar walilahil hamd.

Taipei, May 31, 2010

President of FORMMIT

(Agus Andria)




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