FORMMIT SELATAN Break Fasting and New Members’ Ta’aruf


Finally, at 6.20 pm, it started with breaking fast (part 1), then continued with maghrib prayer and breaking fast (part 2). After that, new members’ ta’aruf was became the next agenda. Not only 18 new students who were introduced themselves, the seniors were also done that. The room was filled with excitements, jokes and laughs when seniors and juniors were mingled. It took more than an hour to finish all 40 people introductions. Around 8.10 pm, Feri Adriyanto, NCKU’s PhD candidate, was giving tausiyah themed “the importance of studying in terms of nowadays life and afterlife”. Then, time for Gubernur FORMMIT Selatan to give his presentation about FORMMIT and its activities. Danurwendo A.S.W explained and introduced FORMMIT and informed the new students about FORMMIT Selatan’s former and upcoming activities. He didn’t forget to remind all of the attendee to participate in FORMMIT activities, especially FORMMIT Selatan’s. This event ended after isya’ prayer and tarawih. [Bunga Primasari]







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