Eid El-Fithr Prayer at Tainan

With the synergic cooperation between Indonesian Student Moslem Forum in Taiwan (FORMMIT) and Indonesian Workers Forum in Tainan (FKKBWIT), this event was successfully conducted. Started from two days ago, some of FORMMIT members from the southern part of Taiwan were doing the preparations. And yesterday, started from 7 am, the finishing touch for all of supported things were also done by them. Around 8.00 am, jama’ah started to come and filled the auditorium. While waiting for another jama’ah to come, Imam led to recite some do’a until the time of the prayer came. Around 9.45 am, Eid El-Fithr prayer was conducted. After Eid El-Fithr khutbah, a session of do’a was also recited together. Then, time for all of jama’ah to shake hands and apologizing each other. Some of jama’ah cried and shed tears. Finally, enjoying some Indonesian cuisines which has already cooked by some of jama’ah, ended the event. [bungkil]





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