These senior high school girls from Ghana are making paper away from banana and plantain to simply help save your self environmental surroundings

These senior high school girls from Ghana are making paper away from banana and plantain to simply help save your self environmental surroundings

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About 24 young senior highschool girls from Ghana are placing their nation in the worldwide map along with their innovation that transforms plantain and banana stems into paper bags.

Girls, through the Methodist Girls twelfth grade in Ghana’s Eastern area, arrived up because of the concept instead of plastic materials. These were inspired by way of a international drive for green lifestyles and items.

Ghana is reported to own brought in $22.3 million worth of uncoated art paper alone in 2017, demonstrating there is a market that is healthy the paper-making industry in the nation.

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Addressing Citinewsroom, two people in the group, Maame Yaa Ohene-Eku and Naa Shormeh Nortey, described how a concept arrived up inside their school’s entrepreneurship club once they identified the damage that is environmental plastic materials cause.

The girls further explained that there is a need to locate answers to waste that is plastic paper packaging. With that, that they had to obtain the alternative that is best to making paper beyond utilizing woods.

“We found that Plantain stem had the fibre that may be utilized to manufacture paper,” Naa Shormeh recalled. They made this finding when they had carried out some extensive research into exactly how well banana and plantain stems could possibly be used to create paper.

Based on Citi company, the method involves using the stems of this plant, drying them, cutting them up into pieces and after that these are typically boiled after which the boiled stalks are milled when it comes to pulp. Next, what exactly is kept is dried out once more, making it paper.

“The paper, that will be brown in color, often known as uncoated art paper, may be used for packaging and boxes”, reports Citinewsroom.

Girls state that the stem creates about 50 bags and currently, their team, referred to as Akoma Inc., is looking to improve its manufacturing, supplied it gets support that is financial fulfill that expectation.

The girls only depend on the little support they get from their parents and from their school even as willing buyers are already looking out to their products in the meantime.

In addition they suggest they have started a synthetic return programme to encourage individuals to generate plastics they no longer need. The move, based on the pupils, is definitely a way that is innovative of value with regards to their work.

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